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The GUEST MANAGER property management system is a world class solution that streamlines and enhances any hospitality establishment’s day-to-day operations – be it an hotel, guesthouse, lodge, B&B, or conference venue. This Windows based system, developed by RoseStreet Systems, empowers management to make informed business decisions with greater clarity and confidence in the knowledge that all necessary information is accessible.

 The GUEST MANAGER system is extremely versatile and user friendly. Highlighted below are some of its features:

 Full reservation management and control, from creation of a reservation to generating a guest invoice at check out which includes:

  • Reservation creation, amendment/cancellation
  • Guest check in, check out and ad hoc postings
  • System print, fax and e-mail (Guest Manager fully integrates into standard e-mail sub-systems such as Outlook), pertaining to a reservation i.e. quotation, confirmation, invoice and statement

 Full set of report

Pertaining to the following areas of control:

  • Operational reports, which cover all day-to-day operational activities (guest list, expected arrivals/departures etc.)
  • Management reports such as outstanding balances, payments, revenue by department, debtor control, management (in house) accounts
  • Comprehensive analysis reporting of total business based on historical information and forecasting. This would relate to a number of areas that have strategic significance, such as room rates, booking agents, guest details (nationality etc) and room attributes (location type)
  • A detailed audit trail of historical data, by transaction type, detail, date and user. This data is retained for a minimum of two years

Yield management report formulated via a combination of:

  • Analytical reporting (room availability, budgeting, forecasting etc.)
  • Rate exception management, the ability to manipulate rates on a daily basis by rate type
  • Company budget management, the ability to input company budget figures for a year by month and business segment (corporate, tour operators, individuals etc.)

Account module

  • Provide full control of debtors and management accounts

A Conference module that optimizes all the elements involved, features include:

  • Fully integrated into GUEST MANAGER
  • There is no restriction on the length of a conference reservation it can be from a few minutes to a number of days
  • There is no restriction to the number of reservations made for the same conference room in the same 24- hour period
  • A full business list of activities, equipment and resources assigned to a conference reservation is generated. This business list includes instruction on times, costs and quantities applicable to a conference reservation (e.g. tea for 20 delegates at R15.00 per delegate, served between 10.00 and 10.15)
  • An instruction list, by area of responsibility, for all reservations per conference rooms for the period requested

GUEST MANAGER has the ability to interface with other systems such as:

  • POS – Point-of-Sale systems (bar and restaurant management) for guest verification and auto posting of bar and restaurant transactions to the guest account
  • TMS – Telephone management systems for auto posting of room telephone calls to the guest account
  • Web based on-line availability and booking systems

Guest Logon for virtual office/internet café environment

  • This module requires the guest to enter their name, reservation number and room number to unlock the computer use
  • Usage is automatically charged to the guest’s account at a user definable rate


The Guest Manager system offers outstanding flexibility in terms of its features. The range of reports that this system has the capability of supplying is truly impressive. Innovations such as Yield Management via the “Rate Wizard”, deliver a component where the management of any hospitality establishment has the freedom to control the rate structure at any given time and for whatever period.

The Budget report, facilitates the ability to put real structure into scenario planning and ultimately the successfully marketing of any given property.

RoseStreet Systems is proud of the fact that it has developed the GUEST MANAGER system through ongoing consultation with professionals within the industry and believes that this policy has assisted in refining this system to a level that does offer a  “real” difference to the hospitality operator. Further to this, RoseStreet remain committed to a policy of listening and responding where appropriate. A fact that keeps all users of this product confident that GUEST MANAGER is a dynamic product that is designed to adapt to current conditions.